Contact Sensor

For doors & windows


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Matter Certified
Thread Enabled
Works with Apple Home

Welcome the TUO Contact Sensor, your trusty companion in maintaining the security and convenience of your home. Our contact sensor, much like our smart button, supports Thread and Matter protocols, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of smart home devices.


Wireless Protocols

Bluetooth 5.0




2 Years (depending on usage)


Main Unit: 34.5mm x 50mm x 14.5mm

Magnet Unit: 19mm x 50mm x 14.5mm

Package: 130mm x 75mm x 42mm


Packaged Weight (Single Pack): 3.50 oz

Packaged Weight (Triple Pack): 10.50 oz

Instructions & Safety Booklets


Does the Smart Contact Sensor pair with HomeKit / Google Home / Samsung SmartThings?

Yes, the TUO Contact Sensor can pair with HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and any other Home protocol that utilizes Matter.

How long will my TUO Contact Sensor battery last?

The TUO Contact Sensor battery should last over 2 years, however we are advertising that the Contact Sensor will last up 2 years depending on usage. With the amazing technology of Thread, the TUO Contact Sensor achieves excellent power manegement.

What does the circle on the front of the TUO Contact Sensor do?

The circle on the front of the TUO Contact Sensor acts a button to do preform a soft and hard reset of the device. Behind the button is an LED light to indicate the device has power and is powering on.