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TUO Smart Button

Special Edition


TUO Smart Button

Special Edition


Matter Certified
Thread Enabled
Works with Apple Home

Introducing the TUO Smart Button, the ultimate home automation solution for controlling your smart devices with ease. Our programmable button supports Thread and Matter protocols, making it compatible with a wide range of smart home devices.

Control At Your Fingertips

Program your smart button to do just about anything connected to your home. Whether it is turning on the lights, the bedroom air conditioner, the diffuser or all 3 at once, the TUO Smart Button can do it all.

Make It Your Own, Even In The Dark.

Our beautiful sticker pack included + glow in the dark versions.

As Seen In

What else is in the box?

Sticker Pack + Glow Stickers

1 CR2032

Magnetic Wall Plate

Instruction Booklet


Wireless Protocols

Bluetooth 5.0



1 CR2032


Product: 40mm x 40mm x 12.5mm

Package: 102mm x 75mm x 42mm


Packaged Weight: 3.17 oz

Instructions & Safety Booklets


How long will my TUO Smart Button battery last?

The TUO Smart Button should about a year, depending on usage. With the amazing technology of Thread, the TUO Smart Button achieves excellent power manegement.

Is the Smart Button waterproof rated?

No, unfortunately the TUO Smart Button is not waterproof rated (as of right now) due to the two "snaps" in the back of the device to click the backplate into place.

Can I use my TUO Smart Button as a doorbell or notification device?

Yes, with the power of automation. Simply setup an automation for a sound to play on your connected smart speaker and your TUO Smart Button will work as an "unofficial" doorbell / notification device.

Does the TUO Smart Button Work with Google Home?

Google Home does support Matter, but at this time they do not support "Generic Switches".