TUO Temperature Sensor

Temperature, humidity & air quality


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TUO Temperature Sensor

Temperature, humidity

& air quality

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Matter Certified
Thread Enabled
Works with Apple Home

Introducing the

TUO Temperature Sensor, your comprehensive tool for monitoring and understanding your home's environment. This advanced sensor measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure & VOC Air Quailty with precision. Enhanced with Thread and Matter protocols, it ensures broad compatibility with numerous smart home systems. Elevate your home's comfort and stay informed with the TUO Temperature Sensor.

With Matter, you can pair one sensor with multiple ecosystems. You can set different actions with different ecosystems to maximize personlization and automations.


Wireless Protocols

Bluetooth 5.0


Instructions & Safety Booklets


Product: 40mm x 40mm x 10.2mm

Package: 106mm x 79mm x 43.5mm

Packaged Weight: 2.85 oz


1 CR2032

Temperature Ranges

-40ºc - 85ºc

-40ºf - 185ºf

Humdity Range

0 -100% (Relative humidity)


How long will my TUO Temperature Sensor battery last?

The TUO Temperature Sensor should last over a year. With the amazing technology of Thread, the TUO Smart Button achieves excellent power manegement.

Is the TUO Temperature Sensor waterproof rated?

No, unfortunately the TUO Temperature Sensor is not waterproof rated and is designed primarely for indoor use.

Does the TUO Temperature Sensor Work with Google Home?

Yes, the TUO Temperature Sensor is certified to work with Apple Home, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings.

†Air Quality will become avialable via an Over the Air Software Update with Matter 1.2. Air Quality will be reported based on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a group of chemicals commonly found in many household and industrial products. From paints and cleaners to office equipment, these compounds can be released into the air, impacting indoor and outdoor air quality.